SMTP configuration with SES and AWS role

I have a self hosted grafana and I want to set the smtp with a role and not with hardcoded user/pass

is it possible? if not from the SMTP configuration so from another block perhaps?


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Intersting idea !! but I do not know as how it can be done.

The SMTP is just a protocol that Grafana uses to send mail.

One idea I can think of is to configure the MTA (e.g. Postfix) in a way that only those user’s email addresses gets added who have AWS and SES roles as a distribution list and use that list (as an email alias) into the Grafana SMTP config parameters to send mail.

This may need some shell scripting but will be possible.

It sounds like you’re asking to send email using SES API instead of SMTP. I don’t think that’s possible but it would be a good feature request. As a workaround, you may be able to setup a local relay like this: GitHub - loopingz/smtp-relay: SMTP Toolbox