Single stat background bug

I’m using grafana 4.6.2 (version taken from apt package) over graphite 0.9.15 (both carbon and web).
I’m using Icinga2 to monitor my servers, one of the checks is a “hostalive” using a ping-check, this is a default with Icinga2. I used a single-stat panel to show the state of the host and set the “stat” to “current”, and checked the background checkbox.
For thresholds I gave 80,99 so that under 80% PL the host is alive (green background), 80-99 is unstable, and 100+ is “down”.
But for some reason, sometimes the background is not set, and remains in the default “dark” theme. Furthermore, when it’s green for one client, it’s dark for another. Querying graphite always yields values below 80, which means it’s supposed to be forever green.
Does anybody have any idea why it’s not green continuously, and why different clients show different colour scheme?

print screen:



Please start by looking at Using Grafana's Query Inspector to troubleshoot issues and/or How to troubleshoot metric query issues.

If you still think that this is a Grafana issue, please include your response here (as described in articles above) so that we can help you troubleshoot. Also, include your query if possible.