Showing custom trace/span attributes in table

Hey there :slight_smile:

I recently tried to create a tracing dashboard for some e2e tests i have. When using a table panel,
by default, it has columns for trace id, start time, trace name trace duration and service name.

However, I wish to have additional columns showing certain resource attributes for the trace. Is that possible?

hi @narsssx, this can be done with select in TraceQL, and then selecting span view on the table.

here is what an example looks like:

Hey there,
Thanks for the info i tried and it worked however It was working before ,now The attributes are not showing in table .Could you please tell me a solution to get the attributes to show in table it is effecting my dashboard

Which version did you face this problem?
In 10.3 there has been a bug, which is fixed in 10.4