SharedArray use

I’m transitioning the framework from JMeter to K6

I am trying to figure out few things
I have a SheardArray , each record holds data for 1 Case. The SheardArray has 10 rows

I need to execute following scenarios:

  • For 1 VU/1 Iteration - Stop execution as soon as Data set is exhausted
  • For 10 VU/10 Iteration - reuse existing data

Hi there, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you post the script you already have and point out in detail what you’re struggling with? I’m not clear on what you want to accomplish.

You might want to try the now abandoned jmeter-to-k6 project. It’s no longer maintained, as there were many issues with the conversion, but it might work for your use case and get you on the right track.