Setting up Data Source

I’m new to Grafana so I’m sorry if this is rudimentary. The data I’m trying to pull is from Cisco Finesse. When I send get/post/put requests to the site through Postman it works every single time. However, every data source type on Grafana that I have tried comes back with an error. Prometheus says “HTTP Error Not Found”, ElasticSearch says “! 404”, SimpleJSON says “bad data”.

Why are there no problems in Postman but errors show up in Grafana? How do I set up a Data Source correctly? Am I supposed to download something on the back end for Prometheus or something? Very lost and any information would be greatly appreciated!

Is Cisco Finesse HTTP API compatible with Elasticsearch??? Seems not. To use Cisco Finesse it needs to be compatible with an API that a Grafana datasource supports

Estou com o mesmo problema alguém poderia ajudar ?