Setting grafana okta client id/secret via helm

I’m trying to grab a client id/secret combo from vault and pass it into grafana via the helm --set flag:

helm upgrade \
    -i loki \
    -n loki --create-namespace \
    grafana/loki-stack \
    -f values.yaml \
    --set grafana.'grafana\.ini'.auth.okta.client_id="${OKTA_ID}" \
    --set grafana.'grafana\.ini'.auth.okta.client_id="${OKTA_SECRET}"

however, it doesn’t seem to set the two fields properly. when I add id/secret via value.yaml file directly, it works as expected.

is this behavior expected or is the set command incorrect?


Solution was to use:

    --set grafana."grafana\.ini"."auth\.okta".client_id=${OKTA_ID} \

found here