Server CPU and Memory Utilization

Can we be able to extract the CPU and Memory utilization of the server in k6 ?
Like how we can do it in jmeter ( JMeter Listeners | Complete Guide | Blazemeter by Perforce) ?

Hi @vasanth,

There is an open issue for this to be added to k6, but at the moment it hasn’t been worked on, and due to us being at the end of a huge refactoring it will probably wait for a little while longer. You are welcome to pitch in the comments there, expressing both your desire for it to be added sooner and whatever features you want additionally, or opinions on the questions asked there :wink: .

You can always use whatever else you are comfortable and/or already using to monitor them in the meantime.

Sure, Thank you @mstoykov

@mstoykov Can we explore java script api here which supports memory usage gathering?

@ganura, if you mean that you will want to know what the memory/CPU usage is from inside of a k6 script. And you want a js API for this - this is not what is proposed here. This is only about actually sending that data as metrics to output, like InfluxDB/cloud, and the output summary).

What is your case for a js API?