Second HTTP request not working

Hello team,

In my code , i have 2 HTTP request

1 - the first request makes an call to endpoint to get accessToken
I then store that access Token in a variable and then make another HTTP.get call with that accessToken as header

When i run end to end in my local with k6 command , i am able to see the result as expected
But when i run the same command in cloud , it is failing :frowning: The second HTTP.get call is failing but HTTP.POST is passing.

I read few articles on how to ignore HTTP call on my code but did not get the solution

Is there a way to run only HTTP.get and avoid in my script
Is there a reason why my second HTTP.get call is failing in cloud whereas passing in local machine ?

I suppose those endpoints are public so should not be an issue

Hi @Harshsahay

Is it possible for you to share the (sanitized) script you are running locally that fails on cloud?This should help me better understand the underlying issue and be able to advice.