Same color for all ranges

Hello guys,

I have a couple of days working with grafana and I’m stuck trying to do a simple thing. I want my widget to keep the same color for all time intervals. When I set, for example, the last 5 minutes the graph is shown in purple color, if I change it to another time, say 1 hour, the color change to green. Is it possible to keep the same color for all time intervals?

Thanks in advance.

Can you post a couple of screenshots showing what you mean?

For example, i configure my widget to have a purple color for last 5 minutes:

Then, when I change the time interval, say the last 15 minutes, the color change to green:

I want my widget to keep the same color. This is possible?


How did you get from one of those to the other? Did you first save the dashboard (if you have changed it) leave Edit mode, then click the Interval dropdown and select a different time range?

exactly, that’s what I did

Does it change the colour each time you change the interval?

Yes, only saves the color for “last 5 minutes” period. The json properties of the widget show the following attribute


It just saves the color for that time window. I want it for all time windows:


Sorry, I have no idea. I have never seen the colour change like that.
What version of Grafana are you using?

Im using the lastest version 6.2.2 on docker.

Shot in the dark but can you use series overrides to force the color to stay consistent?

They should not be changing in the first place should they? My lines do not change colour if I change the time range.
@barocava if you use drag the mouse over an area, which changes the range, does it change the colour?

I’m not sure how it works with their datasource but with mine, if the actual metrics returned changes the colors reset.