Running Loki in AWS EKS Fargate

Hello, I am new to Kubernetes Infrastructure and was asked to build an application in AWS EKS Fargate. I am trying to use the PLG stack for logging but feeling so frustrated as there are quite a lot of restrictions in Fargate. I cannot use the helm chart as Fargate does not support daemonset and persistent volume for EBS.

Therefore, I guess I have to use ‘sidecar’ to grep the application log, and pass it to Loki. However, I can’t find any articles or tutorials about that after searching on the Internet. Can anyone share some articles or give me some directions?

Thank you so much!

Hi @andrewk2,

Have you checked out Loki tutorial: How to send logs from Amazon’s ECS to Loki ?

thanks @tanmaybhat24,
but it is difficult to follow the steps from the article you have shared. As it used Firelens to forward logs.
Right now I am able to forward log to CloudWatch using fluentd but it is not my goal for log storage.

I am reading the Loki’s doc (Installation | Grafana Loki documentation), I guess I should create promtail pod using sidecar method as it mentioned. But how to set the config in promtail.yaml? How promtail can pass the log to Loki? There is still some missing pieces for me…

I did some work for it but not sure what I have done wrongly. I have created another topic for that Promtail failed to grep log