Running K6 Test from multiple machines and exporting results to influxDB

Hi Team,
I have to do High Load Testing of 20k TPS and for this using 5 linux machines.

I want to monitor the tests using grafana. Is it possible in this case of multiple load generator machines?

If I run this command parallel on these machines using the same db ‘k6db’

k6 run --out influxdb=http://<ip>:<port>/k6db

will the data from one machine overwrite the data pushed by another machine??

Please help…

Hi @VivCham !

InfluxDB will overwrite the data as long as the tag set is the same.

However, if you add the custom tag (load generator), it should not happen.

Also, if your setup is k8s, you can look at a project k6-operator.

Let me know if that help!