Running a specific version of k6

I’m using k6 through Azure pipelines (a yaml file). Is there a way that I can make sure that it uses a specific version of k6 instead of the latest version everytime?

Every example I see of running k6 through Azure is using this as the task:

task: k6.k6-load-test.custom-build-release-task.k6-load-test@0

If I replace the @0 and the end with the version I want, would that work? I’m not sure what the 0 at the end is setting

Hi @claytoncat, welcome to the community forum :tada:

The azure pipeline has no way to specify a k6 version it is supposed to run.

The @0 is (AFAIK) the version of the pipeline.

I would recommend openning an issue on the pipeline repo here

Hope this helps you!

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Thank you for the reply!

I’ll make sure to open an issue on the pipeline repo. I might try a workaround and see if that works for now. I’m running this on an ubuntu VM image so I wonder if I can create a bash step beforehand to install the right version, or if it will still default to the newest once it gets to the k6 task. Something like:

sudo apt-get install k6=0.46.0

AFAIK the step downloads the binary just before executing it - so this will not work.

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That makes sense, thank you again for the reply. I opened the issue in the pipeline repo here

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