Run fixed number of VUs supporting ramping time

I use following command to run fixed number of vus/iterations as I want test to run only fixed number of times. I gave duration as 60m just in case but test ends once last user completes his run.
k6 run --vus 5 --iterations 5–duration 60m $SCRIPT
But I see all 5 usesr start at same time. How to give ramping up time to above command so all 5 user ramp up within 3 mins instead of all at once

Hi @experi

Would something like How to perform a load test with ramp up&down with fixed amount of iterations? - #7 by olegbespalov work for you? You can ramp up your 5VUs in 3 minutes, and ensure each runs only an iteration. Not sure if this is what you are after, though.