Role Based Access based on different panels

Hi Everyone,

I am stuck with the problem on role-based access.

Let us say that we have a dashboard having 10 panels and we have 2 users namely user1 and user2.

Now my requirement is to give access to dashboards to both user but restricting them based on number of panels. say, as we have 10 panels so user1 can only see 5 panels if he logins but user2 will be able to see all the 10 panels in that dashboard.

I understand that we can have 2 dashboards containing 5 and 10 panels and that does the job but i want to restrict in the same dashboard based on who is logging in to view the dashboard.

Please let me know if any of you came across to same problem or if there is any solution for the same.

Thank You
Yadav Pawan Jiyalal

hi @pawanyadav :wave:

I believe this is not possible since the panel view is dictated by the permissions set at dashboard level (we can currently limit the panel view by users or permissions).

However, setting the permission at panel level is a nice idea. You could request this feature enhancement in our GiHub discussions’ page. I haven’t seen an open issue for this either.

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