Retention Schema


I am new to this form. My apologies if this question is a duplicate. I have a few questions regarding the setup I have:

  1. The retention schema that I have is set for 30 days, however, the disk space that Grafana uses keeps getting filled even though the graph does not show data beyond 30 days. Is there a way to overwrite .wsp files so that the disk is never 100% full.
  2. When I delete the wsp files (located in /opt/graphite/storage/whisper), all graph data is deleted. Is there a way to clear the wsp files so that the historical data (such as 1 or 2 or 3 days) is kept and anything beyond 3 days to 30 days is deleted?
  3. I have configured alerting with Grafana as well. Is there a way I can edit the content of the alert to make it minimum. Basically, all the alert that I need to get needs to show just the subject and one line in the body of the email. As of right now, I see an email with graphical data in it.

Many thanks for any help and to the creators of this awesome tool.

Wsp files are always as big as your retention configuration gets them, the space is allocated when the metric file is created.

If you change retention you need to rebuild your wsp files

Hello Torkel,
Thank you for your response. Would you please provide input on question #3 as well? I wanted to see if there was a way to remove graphics from the alerts altogether, not just the graph. The issue that I am facing is that, in the alert notification, I have phone numbers as well as emails in the list of alert recipients. The email alerts looks good but the text messages have bunch of garbled information that I am not able to understand.

The following screenshot is how I am creating the alert notification.

From the screenshot above, the numbers listed will send text messages to Verizon as well at AT&T cell phones, but again, the messages are not readable for some reason.

Is there any other way of sending the text alerts to the phones?

Thank you again! very much appreciated!

Are you using an older version of Grafana? There should be an option for including an image:

Yes, I am using version 4.1.2. I have upgraded to the latest version on my test box but I am still not able to get the text alerts issue resolved. The text messages are very long (10 messages +) for every alert generated by Grafana and does not really say what the alert is all about. It might be because of the way the cell phone service provides handles forwarding text messages with certain type of information.

Is there a better way of sending text alerts to the cell phones?


There is no direct support for texting - the reasoning being that there are other services that already do this. There are a lot of notifiers for Grafana and some of these have support for text messages (PagerDuty for example). The other option is to build an integration to a texting service (like Twilio) using the alerting webhook:

Thanks Daniellee,

Is there a way to customize the alert messages. What I would like to do is send one line of alert message in the alert with no graphics.


There are not a lot of customization options unless you build a custom integration options using the webhook. But you should be able to uncheck the “Include image” option to not get any images in the alert.