Results visualisation with request/status statistic

I am working to develop a pipeline runs K6 performance tests. One of the requirements is to get a visual report where we can see the count of requests per url and response status? Something like:

POST <URL> status 201 -> 2000
POST <URL> status 500 -> 24
POST <URL> status 421 -> 2
GET <URL> status 200 -> 3000
GET <URL> status 404 -> 11

In the cloud this statistic is provided, however, I prefer not cloud solution. Is there any NON cloud reporter that I can get the same?

Hi @Jac !

Does using the End of test serve your needs?

Let me know if that helps,

Hi @olegbespalov.
The main problem with the end of test summary, there is no information about error code statistic. I’ve attached a screenshot from the cloud below. I need something similar.
On top of that I would like to have better visualisation than print in the log file.

But there is a way to customize the end of the test summary using the handleSummary and it’s not only limited by the log file.

I’ve attached a screenshot from the cloud below. I need something similar.

Something similar you can also achieve if you start outputting the metrics to some storage (Prometheus, influxdb, etc) and then visualize (it’s just a matter of aggregation) them in Grafana.

Maybe another solution to the one proposed by @olegbespalov, could be to define custom metrics and to update their values according to your classification. That way, they would collect the statistics you’re looking for, would be able to have access to them from the handleSummary function, and display them directly?

Not entirely sure how realistic that is, but it’s an idea :bowing_man: