Results of two parallel test run in k6 kubernetes cluster

I am setting up a kubernetes cluster to run test using jenkins kubernetes plugin so that i can run multiple tests in parallel based on need defined using pod template. I will be storing results in influxDB.

Question is : 1) What happens to the test results which is running on multiple pods? is it aggregated and stored in DB?

  1. How result is handled and stored along with another test running in the same cluster , is it different table for each test run?
  2. How can i pull the results specific to a test which is running in parallel with others tests in the cluster.

I am new to this, so please pardon for silly questions.

Aivnash Billore

Hi, the answer to all of your questions is TAGS. You have to use tags at script, scenario and request level. This will allow you to group or ungroup metrics at any level you want. Once you try tags and filter metrics in influxDB as per your needs then you can ask better questions.

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