Response time broken down by request

Hi! I’m new to k6 and am trying to test out a basic use case, but would like to make sure I have the right tool.

I’d like to write a script that

  • Logs in to my app (request 1)

  • then hit’s an api endpoint (request 2)

I’d like to run this script concurrently X times for N users.
I’d like to determine average and 95%ile response times for request 1 and for request 2.

Is this possible? In looking at sample and test script outputs, I do not see a way to break it down by request. I also do not see how to determine how many times each request was hit in the time period of running the script.
Thank you for any response!

Hi @jbattsek !

Sorry for the long reply, and welcome to the community forums! :wave:

For sure, it’s possible :wink:

By default, the output doesn’t show you the per-request breakdown. However, a common workaround is to use tags & thresholds (See an example in this post Graphql test serveral stages and every stage have multiple request - #3 by olegbespalov).

Let me know if that helps