Reducing Datasource Usage for Microsoft SQL Server

Hello Everyone,

I’m using Grafana 9.5.2 on Windows

The Usage of the Database has every few seconds high Peaks (Up to 100% Drive usage) and I should find a solution to reduce it.

My Question now:

Where can I see the Usage/Query requests of the Database?

What Data does Grafana query in the Background? Does it query for the dashboards even if there ist no one operating with it or loading it? I have automated refereshrate off and only alerts should query every minute once in the background.

Thank you

Have you installed an agent (Grafana Agent, Prometheus Agent, Telegraf) on your MSSQL server machine?

Nice tutorial here for Grafana Cloud here should help you get started: How to monitor Microsoft SQL Server performance with Grafana Cloud | Grafana Labs

No I have not so far but I’m also not the Database owner :confused: but I will try.

It is for Monitoring the Traffic of the Database right?

Do you also have an Answer for the second part of the question in general?

Thank you already!

If you have automated refresh off, and nobody is operating or otherwise using Grafana, then I see no reason why your database would be queried.

An agent is used for collecting metrics. It could be traffic of the database or just about anything else that can be grabbed, counted or measured.

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