Query_scheduler assistance


I have been looking to add a query_scheduler to our current Loki ec2 microservice setup and the documentation is a little vague and I can’t seem to find any examples.

For Service discovery we are using etcd, I have added the config shown below:

use_scheduler_ring = true

The ring config is then pulled in from common and I can see the scheduler getting registered in the ring. The next question I have is how can I validated the scheduler is being utilised I believe if using the ring then we don’t need to specify the scheduler_address in the config but it would be good to confirm this as from Configuration | Grafana Loki documentation

# DNS hostname used for finding query-schedulers.
# CLI flag: -frontend.scheduler-address
[scheduler_address: <string> | default = ""]

It doesn’t state this is not needed but when I add a value here the config fails to load and doesn’t give any meaningful output. Also from reading loki/query-scheduler.libsonnet at main · grafana/loki · GitHub and then querying the config via /config I don’t see the scheduler address being set

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