Query issues/challenges on water metering

Hi all,

I have a question regarding water metering. My water metering kit gives me values of the current usage. I also have a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly consumption value.
What I want to achieve is the following:

I want to know weither it is possible to detect specific events. I would like to timestamp for example when the water seems to be used for showering. Showering has the most l/min. Can we use QL (SQL) queries to detect if within a certain period, someone showered, and define what the usage of water was during the shower period ?

It’s keeping me awake :slight_smile:

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I think you need to give more details about what you mean by “My water
metering kit gives me values of the current usage”.

Do you mean that it will give you values, minute by minute (or more
frequently) of water flow (in litres per minute or similar), or do you mean
something else (in which case please specify what)?

If it does give you regular values of water flow, I would think all you need to
do is work out what values of flow are “non-showering” and what values mean
“showering”, and then set a threshold alarm somewhere between those two which
avoids as far as possible falso positives or false negatives, and there you
have what you want.

As for the duration of the shower, it’s simply the total time the flow value
was above the threshold, and the water consumption is the sum of the flow
values multipled by the sampling time interval.


Hi Antony,

Thanks a lot for your swift answer. My water meter gives me values in litres per minute