Query a Datasource Directly from Panel Plugin React Code

I’m developing a Panel Plugin and I need to make some real-time generated queries directly from the code. Is there a way to accomplish that?
I know there is a way in Angular but I can’t figure out how to do that in React.

This answer suggests that you can access the data source instance using the getDatasourceSrv:

Would that work for your use case?

Hello Marcus,
I’m interested in this question. It’s clear how to get the Datasource but not how to execute a query on a datasource in React, which I think was the key point of the question. More in detail, I have the need to execute a SELECT query on a MySql datasource but it’s no so clear how to do it. I found there’s a query method given by DataSource Api, but, as I said, it’s not so clear how to use it and I was not able to find any example about it.
Thanks a lot.