Public email subscription for alerts

We need to have a public portal for people (anyone who follows a link to our site) to sign up to alert notifications from grafana without necessarily needing to know anything about how to configure grafana’s alerting system (and possibly not even needing an account). It could also be great if people could choose alert channels with multiple commonly accessible options such as email or text messages.

I guess I’m wondering what my options are - are there existing integrations that do this sort of thing or something similar? I have a feeling that the answer might be “grafana’s alerting system can do all of that” but that is also a learning curve that would prevent a lot of people from signing up and really I’m just looking for a simple form like you have for weather alerts/school closings.

Perhaps I just need to roll our own, but I’m hoping that someone has thought about how to address something like this before.

UPDATE: this seems pretty close to what I was thinking so it’s just a matter of figuring out how best to integrate (perhaps using the webhook channel?). But let me know if you have better ideas!

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@beasteers this is an interesting use case. Grafana can send alerts to slack, discord, and telegram channels if your users would be able to subscribe to those.

Grafana can send to an email address, however, that list needs to be populated in the grafana UI. If you managed an email alias or group that you could add subscribers to, you could enter the group email address in grafana.

The option you mentioned to send notifications via a webhook to an intermediate service that allows public sign up sounds like a valid solution too.

Hi @beasteers and @melori.arellano

I use the webhook contact point in Grafana alerting to send the notification to Node-RED, which receives the webhook and then sends a sound signal or audio message over a PA system. If listmonk (or a similar service) can receive a webhook and then send out mass emails to the subscribers of that service, then I think this can all be done in much the same way.

Here is the thread where I detailed the webhook-to-audio alert solution using Node-RED.