Provide an example on how to achive login once do many things type of scenario using k6

This was posted over a year ago:

Basically, I’m trying to emulate the following user behaviour:

An editor login into a Content Management System once per day.
Using the same session throughout the day, they would do a bunch of things:

Create pages, modify pages, publish pages etc.

But instead of a single editor, this would be many editors:
Ramp up from 0 to 50 VU in the first 30 minutes
Increment from 50 to 350 editors (VU) next 30 minutes
Sustain for 60 minuts
Then ramp down to zero

How can I achieve this using k6, do you have some documentation or github examples?

The example for “Advanced API flow” demonstrates generating an authToken in the setup function and passing the data to the default function where multiple operations take place.

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thanks @richmarshall, this is exactly what I was looking for :smiley:

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