Promtail Failing to Install - Permission Denied Creating `/home/promtail` on Debian

We have some special rules around our /home directories (using Debian), and the post-install script from Promtail fails on this line:

adduser --system --shell /bin/false "promtail"

I do not believe that Promtail uses the home directory at all. Is there any risk in changing the post-install to:

adduser --no-create-home --system --shell /bin/false "promtail"

And is it worth submitting such a change to the Promtail post-install script here?

I haven’t tried, but since the script has a condition to check for user existence you could create the user ahead of time and that should take care of that.

I would say also that you should feel free to submit a pull request (with either an issue or feature request), and it’s up to the Grafana team to decide whether they want to merge.

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Yep, I thought a pull request was in order:

It solves at least that issue. :slight_smile:

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