Prometheus alerts and Grafana Alertmanager

There are many Prometheus mixins that provide pre-defined rules for alerting.

However, if one adopts Grafana Alerting for everything, there doesn’t seem to be a way to benefit from these rules because 1) Grafana doesn’t understand them and 2) Grafana Alertmanager cannot accept alerts from Prometheus (which would be able to evaluate the rules).

Is manually converting community-based Prometheus rules to Grafana by using the web UI the only way?

@giovannitirloni, unfortunately, the manual way is the only way. However, it could be a nice feature request! I would appreciate it if you could open an issue in Grafana Github repository, and if the request gathers community attention in the way of many upvotes, then we will see what can be done. Contributions and pull requests are always welcome and highly appreciated!