Problem with graph display

Version Grafana v6.3.2
Source for Grafana is Prometheus scrapping Spring Boot Metrics.
the graph have a number of sharp drop of points and the purpose is to show the total events per day for the different metric counters.
Do anybody have advise on how i can fix the query
the Query :

  1. count(count(ValueA=~’.+’}) by (value_acc_number)) OR on () vector(0)
  2. count(count(ValueB=~’.+’}) by (value_acc_number)) OR on () vector(0)
  3. count(count(ValueC=~’.+’}) by (value_acc_number)) OR on () vector(0)

Found an indication of the my problem on the Java/JVM implementation ( It is well known error with counters when a brake in service occur.

now to figure out how to do the rate normalisation