Pq: relation table does not exist?

I’ve been wrestling with this issue for a bit now, and no matter how hard I smash my head against the keyboard, nothing has worked.

I have a Grafana 5.3.2 instance which uses my postgres database on the same server. At the moment, all I want to do is create a simple data table which more or less mimics the data table I get on the server, 3 columns, 2 of which are text, 1 of which is an int. The table is in the public schema and the owner of the table is the same one I use to access the datasource in Grafana. When I do a \dt on postgres, I see that information.

However, when I try to view the data in Grafana, I receive the error message ‘pq: relation table_name does not exist’ when I try to run a simple query against it: SELECT * FROM ‘table_name’ or SELECT * FROM public.‘table_name’

Can anyone provide guidance at this point?


I was facing the same issue and able to resolve the same.
Your query should be written as SELECT * FROM “public.tablename”
The table name should be enclosed with double quotes (").
I hope this will resolve your issue.