Postman-to-k6 jscript compilation error

Hello. I have installed postman-to-k6 globally with

npm install -g @apideck/postman-to-k6


postman-to-k6 collection.json -o k6-script.js

was not recognised as command, so I tried to set path variable to bin where postman-to-k6.js is located. this time it led to microsoft jscript error. It didn’t start in node. (node 12.17.0)

node postman-to-k6
throws Error: Cannot find module 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\postman-to-k6

Hi @tolga1084

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the support forum :bowing_man: Disclaimer, although I am working on a Windows machine, I always work in the context of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, so I might not be super helpful, but I’ll try… Another disclaimer also being that we are not the official maintainers of postman-to-k6 anymore.

Could you please give us more details about your setup, such as which version of windows you use, which shell you use to run the commands (cmd, PowerShell, cmder, etc…)? How did you install the node? Could you also verify at which paths node and npm are installed? It feels… strange, that any of them would rely on, and look for data present in the system32 folder.

The only pointer I can give you at this point is that it seems to be mostly related to how your node installation is set up. But it’s hard to provide more support without knowing more about the context the issue happens in :slight_smile: