PieChart setup - MySQL


I am trying to setup a pie chart based on some data that i am constantly updating in my MySQL DB.

The Goal is to have to have the PieChart divided in the different operating system types, and show how many there is of each OS.
Something like the chart photo bellow

Exuse my horrible paint skils :stuck_out_tongue:
But i am unable to format the chart this way.

I have formulated the query in the left of the photo bellow in MySQL Workbench.
Which gives me the the data the way that i want.
But i am unable to transfer this to Grafana, cause there i dont get any chart setup.

the os column is VARCHAR
the id is INT

Does anyone know how i can set this up. if additional data is required i can provide this.

is your query in grafana returning any data?

Can you use the data tab inside the Grafana Inspector panel to share your data?

do you think you could try and replicate this on our public sandbox, https://play.grafana.org? You can try mocking up dummy data using the TestData DB datasource as well :pray: