Passing parameters with Special Characters (Encoding)

I’m pulling a parameter from an array that has special characters and I need to encode it.

{ "username": "testuser", "password": "Char14acters$!"},

The console logging shows:

INFO[0001] testuser Char14acters$! 953990151 PTP1        source=console
INFO[0001] The password is Char14acters$!                source=console

Here’s my placement in the script:

'pf.username': data[scenario.iterationInTest].username,
'pf.pass': data[scenario.iterationInTest].password,

What actually gets passed during replay is:


I’ve tried converting the password to var and encoding it:

var encodedPassword = encodeURI(password);

But the outcome is the same.

Any ideas?

Solved, the issue had nothing to do with encoding, it was due to an invalid correlation.

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