Parallel operations

Hello Community

I have the following scenario.
One http POST request happening every 1 second with 1 VU.
At the same time i have to test 5-10 VU on a GET request

Basically, i want to test a continuous 1 user posting in the background, but at the same time real web users using the web application


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Take a look at Scenarios, which are for exactly this purpose: Scenarios

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Thanks @Tom
That really helped.

While using scenarios, can I also use setup() which ca return a data{} ?
I have 2 scenarios. But to perform these 2 scenarios, i need to perform ONE single http call to get a token. And that token needs to be supplied to both scenarios.


Yeah, using the setup() function to make that single http call and return the token to be supplied to your scenario functions should work exactly as you described.

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Yes @dan_nm
there was one config in the options discardResponseBodies: true which was causing the issue for me.
When that is adjusted it worked.