Panel to show Temperatures

I’ve tried a few things and can’t quite get what I’m looking for.

I’d like the left axis to be static.

Then all along the row I’d like a value to be displayed in particular temperature

so the row with CPU1 would be green if the temp was lets say blue when it was 10 degrees but red when it was 100 degrees.

Is there a panel that does this and I’m just missing it? Any exmples? I thought a heatmap might do it but it buckets the values, maybe I need to bucket per and keep the values static?

Thanks for any help

can you give me an example like snapshoot or something else? what panel type do you use? gauge?

I’ve tried a few different heatmap like ones but they bucket the values

I’d like to be able to have CPU in the row and then all the temps below them.
or have the one time and then the list of CPU’s accross the top and the temps so a user could just scroll down and say… wow what happened at 2300 that caused all the temperatures to go up.


I’d like it to be something like lets use heat as an example

CPU1 | 78 80 90 100 78 90
CPU2 | 60 49 90 200 68 89
CPU3 | 50 50 50 50 50 50

         0500 0515 0530 0545

time on the bottom
label on the left side
and colors associated with the values in the middle

I was able to create something near to what I was looking for using a prometheus datasource.

However I can’t get it to sort the values 000-100 and the scrolling doesn’t allow the top to scroll along with it.

If I do a query for each of the items… then it will show up in order but doing alot of queries does not seem to be the best way to do things.