Panel links are totally borked

This is my first post, so please bear with me. For a few years we’ve had a nice user interface with touch screen displays in kiosk mode where users with literally no programming experience, or computer skills have been able to touch some of the panels, such as gauges and single stats and drill down to a another dashboard showing more detailed information of that particular element of the main dashboard. There has also been a back-button, well kind of, implemented by a simple text panel showing a back button emoji with a link to upper level dashboard. This has provided us with a nice and smooth, multi-level dashboard experience.

I have noticed, for a while to be honest, that some of these of panels have been depreceated. But I haven’t even tried to fix what ain’t broken. Usually that’s the wise thing to do. I have updated the system regularly, though. Like everyone does.

Now, we had to migrate the entire system to a new hardware and I installed everything from a scratch. What did I find out? A total mess. In the name of progress(?) everything is borked and smells like week-old pair of socks.

There’s no links anymore. Not in Gauge, not in single stat. Definitely not in the simple Text Panel. Ok, there’s some f##%%&&ng links that require a very sharp pencil on a touch screen. Or a mouse. Which there is not, with a kiosk mode on a tv set on the wall of the conference room.

Whattahell happened here? Is the whole world gone mad or is it just me?