Page object returning null after my page goto identity screen

Hi K6Team, Recently I started exploring your tool. while using k6,I am facing an issue with my application browser is closing automatically. here are my steps.

1). I am launching the page in k6 >> page launched properly, after that it is navigating to the identity login page for login details(username/password).
2) while performing actions on that Identity page, our k6 page object is returning null.

for Identity login, we are using
Flow Type: AuthorizationCodeWithProofKey
Scope: OpenId, offline_access

K6 is able to login if the Flow Type is Implicit

below are the few errors I am seeing in the command prompt :
ERRO[0008] process with PID 33132 unexpectedly ended: exit status 1 category=browser elapsed=“263 ms” goroutine=27
WARN[0008] url:MyAPPURL.4833248870594b7e.js method:GET err:fetching response body: websocket: close 1001 (going away) category=“Response:bodySize:fetchBody” elapsed=“0 ms” goroutine=80
ERRO[0008] communicating with browser: write tcp> wsasend: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. category=cdp elapsed=“295 ms” goroutine=70
ERRO[0008] Uncaught (in promise) waiting for navigation: canceled executor=per-vu-iterations scenario=default

thanks in advance!!

Hi @SriHarsha,

Welcome to the forum!

It’s difficult to say what the issue from that output, it looks like Chrome is closing itself but unsure why that is the case.

Could you please answer the following which will help us replicate the issue and find the root cause?:

  1. Which version of k6 are you running?
  2. Which OS and version are running k6 on?
  3. What type of arch are you running k6 on? (AMD64, ARM, etc)
  4. Can you provide us with the test script that works against a publicly accessible site?