One rule, classified into two. causing double alerts

Below is the screenshot of ‘one’ (provisioned) rule state history.

the A,B i covered up looks like this:
A : {alertname=same_name, grafana_folder=alert_folder, ruleId=same_Id, sender= monitoring, severity=warning}
B : {alertname=same_name, ruleId=same_Id, sender=monitoring, severity=warning}
→ folder seems to be the only difference but what i intended is one rule in alert_folder.
when i see the rules by api, there is only one…

I was expecting just one history but it seems to be divided into two.
And im not sure about this, but it seems like it is also being evaluated not once, because the time of Alerts being detected is different.
I have applied HA to GUA if that gives a clue, but what i saw in the previous alerts, with HA is two alerts in one history. So I dont understand why its divided like this.
Can I have an answer to this?