NTLM Authentication not working with Domain

Why do you? I want to test an application that required NTLM authentication to do load test. We have to specify the domain in order to login to application
When will you? I tested in in windows 10H2 K6 [v0.35.0]
How do I
let req, res;

        let username = 'corp\\username'

        username = encodeURIComponent(username)

        const password = 'Password-123'

        let credentials = `${username}:${password}`;

        res = http.get(



                auth: 'ntlm'




I think you may need to specify the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). So instead of just corp it would be something like corp.somedomain.com. The FQDN may be available under the USERDNSDOMAIN environment variable.

Hello Tom,

Thank you for the reply. I try to replace corp\username with corp.fully_qualified_domain.com\username, it is still not working