Not able to add data-source although windows_exporter is working fine

I have configured Prometheus, Grafana in ubuntu machine, I’m able to populate grafana dashboard from node exporter metrics.

however when I’m trying to add a datasource for monitoring windows machine in grafana it’s neither giving any error nor I’m able view metrics.

wmi_exporter has been replaced by windows_exporter, all the article I’ve found on the internet are using wmi_exporter.

can someone please help!!

Grafana v7.3.7
Windows_exporter 0.15.0
Prometheus 2.1.0


Do you get any metrics on the page X.X.X.X:9182/metrics ?

Good Luck

I had the same problem, and i solved downloding the jason file from the windows_exporter and replacing wmi to windows. then, you can import the jason file in Grafana.

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