MySQL Stored Procedure

is possible to call stored procedure? I mean, instead to “select …” execute “call myprocedure(parameters)”.


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I’m very interested in this answer too. It seems to be supported for MS-SQL. It would be a hugely beneficial if it were supported for MySQL too.

I’m totally new to Grafana, but it worked for my with MySQL - at least as a time series. As long as the stored procedure outputs a column called “time”, it seems to work fine. Because my table uses a datetime column for timestamp, this is the (raw) query I entered into my panel:

call sp_GetDataForGrafana( $resourceId, FROM_UNIXTIME($__unixEpochFrom()), FROM_UNIXTIME($__unixEpochTo()), ... );

Thanks. Yes it works only if the dataset include datetime column.

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