Mysql connection failed

I am trying to connect MySQL as grafana datasource but it showing me that, Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@‘’ (using password: YES)

My mysql have ssl enabled with sha256, with native-plugin it was connecting , But after sha256 it showing this error
Grafana version : 5.0.3

Does the grafana server have access to Can you ping that address from where grafana is installed?

Grafana is installed on and mysql 5.7 is also installed on same machine and alll certificates are present on that machine , if i use mysql_native_password plugin then it connent with no problems but when i use ssl to mysql, it shows above error

And you are sure the password is correct? If it is a problem with the SSL certs, there should be some error about that. Any errors in the Chrome Dev Tools console or Grafana server logs?

Now i am getting this error :
“this authentication plugin is not supported”

I am using sha256 plugin with ssl to MySQL 5.7 and grafana version is 4.6

Try to use more simple password that don’t have special characters, as i faced the same issue in Grafana 6.4.4 and the password was having “@” character, and it keep failing to connect.

By the way, to make MYSQL allow password with no special character, use the below command:
mysql> SET GLOBAL validate_password.special_char_count = 0;