Metrics are displayed incorrectly when timeShift + sumSeries + movingAverage

I have metrics sent by multiple services. I need to sum with a shift of 7 days.
At the same time, I have thinning of the metrics (more than 7.5 days, the average is taken for 10 minutes from the metrics which was for every 30 sec.)
Source Graphite.

timeShift(sumSeries(movingAverage(#Series, ‘21min’)), ‘7d’, false)

  1. Up to the range now-110h everything is displayed correctly

  1. For example, at now-142h (now-112h and above)

I swap the mean and sum function
1)timeShift(movingAverage(sumSeries(#Series), ‘21min’), ‘7d’, false)

t now-142h - correct

  1. but now-6h and less metric is 2 times less than real

exactly match, then in some cases they are ignored during summation.
I don’t know what happens in case 1.

Hi @andreykrylova

Can you please try to reproduce this same issue on and then share the dashboard link so that we can view it?