Managing Individual TPH for APIs

Hi Community,
In my script I have multiple independent API calls. Though I have written small code to manage TPH for these individual APIs, I was wondering what the community is following or if there is a in build functionality in K6 to support this feature (may be with config file) or may be something like block percentage in loadrunner.

Thanks in advance.

@sandyuce What do you mean by TPH? Transactions Per Hour? We have new executors(currently called schedulers, but that should be changing) on the horizon that will support setting a number of transactions per time period. The pull request is under review (and some more development) here:

Apologies, I took so long to get back.
Yes, by TPH - I mean Transactions per hour.
In our team for load testing, we are developing k6 based scripts and keeping each UI based transaction in a seperate js file to call them one by one as per User journey requirement.
However, there are few transactions / user steps for which I want to generate more TPH eg. refresh screen transaction etc.
Based upon the PR mentioned in above response, I suppose k6 is planning to bring a scheduler option. Was hoping to know if there is a expected timeline for getting this option so that I can explore it. Hoping it will be available with ‘config file - options’ documentation. Also, would it support my above requirement ?

After a huge delay, the arrival-rate based executors, and all of the other goodies from #1007 are finally available in k6 v0.27.0: