LOKI- replica od DATA

Hello, can you please explain how Grafana Loki perform replication of data when we use on prem solution. Is each chunk replicated in other place?

The only replication Loki does is chunks that are still in ingester if you configure replication_factor higher than 1. Once chunks are written into your storage it is your storage’s responsibility to replicate the data.

Thank you for your answer. I was wondering if it is any similar solution to Elk when we have primary shard and replica. If I understand correctly, administrator is responsible for replication of data on hard drive?

While ELK stores data within itself, Loki doesn’t. This is why it’s recommended to store Loki data in object storage such as S3 so you don’t have to worry about replication. If you are on-prem you might consider minio, although I don’t know how redundant you can make it (i don’t have experience with it myself).