Loki query filter out row with level=info

Hi, I’m using Grafana 9.3.2 and I got a LOLI data source.
It’s a simple page with 4 graphs.

My query is like

|= "$search" 
| logfmt

and I would like to filter our all row with level=info


Sincerely, I read some explanation but I did not succeed.
Could you tell me the way without interacting with the Grafana configuration file of course?

Thanks Alen

Try this:

{job=~"$app", level ="info"}
|= "$search" 
| logfmt


Hi and thanks for your reply…
but maybe I wrote wrongly…
it’s the reverse… all rows that aren’t info level!

I try with…

but, as you can see, with refresh query I always see that level (info).


If there aren’t expected, you can see in the explorer to see the detail data in the job that you want to query.
If I know the detail of the data, there’s lot easier to analyze it…
You can redacted the important data, except the text that you want to display.