Loki memcached pod is not working

Hello Team,

We are getting issue with memcached pod which shows running but while trying to open log we are not getting any logs and in ingester and querier pod log we can see this two errors. Even pod restart didn’t help.

`msg=“backgroundCache writeBackLoop Cache.Store fail” err="memcache: no servers

err="lookup _memcached-client._tcp.loki-loki-distributed-memcached-chunks on no such host"

Please help.

oc get po | grep -i memcached                        
loki-loki-distributed-memcached-chunks-0                2/2     Running   0          
loki-loki-distributed-memcached-frontend-0              2/2     Running   0          
loki-loki-distributed-memcached-frontend-1              2/2     Running   0         
loki-loki-distributed-memcached-index-queries-0         2/2     Running   0         
loki-loki-distributed-memcached-index-writes-0          2/2     Running   0
oc logs -f loki-loki-distributed-memcached-index-queries-0  
Defaulted container "memcached" out of: memcached, exporter