Loki and Apache Cassandra

Hello Grafana Community,

I am currently playing around with setting up Grafana and Loki with a Apache Cassandra DB for Chunk and Index storage.

Could anyone tell me if Apache Cassandra is still supported and will be supported in the future ? I want to build a complete self hosted Grafana + Loki (and later also OnCall, Prometheus, Mimir) environment without having to use any cloud storage.

Am I on the right track or should/must I use something else for local storage of index and chunks.

I am looking for the current best practises and since literally everyone is writing something else on stackoverflow and there are tons of github issues regarding Apache Cassandra and Loki I thought about asking here what the best way to go currently is before I invest more time into something that is already deprecated but just not updated in the documentation.

For example I am currently facing this Problem: Chunk and the index table not beeing created by loki within cassandra and I found this github issue [loki-distributed] Loki, Cassandra, and Table Manager · Issue #1578 · grafana/helm-charts · GitHub

Thanks in advance

I would recommend going with an object storage such as S3 bucket for both index and chunk storage, it seems that’s generally recommended.