Log Labels with Loki

Hello, I am trying to get the log labels to show up in grafana using loki. I have the datasource created and connected. We are not using k8s yet, but we do have grafana containerized as well as loki running on a VM. I have installed the docker plugin for the loki driver shown below:

[root@l17067 grafana]# docker plugin ls
f00e85d729e2 loki:latest Loki Logging Driver true

I am still unable to get any file logging to show up in the console. I would like to start running some queries against the logs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I click the dropdown under Explore for the Loki datasource, I only see something called name and that’s it. How do I go about this as I have looked at quite a bit of documentation.

I am also using docker-compose to bring up our containers.

Steve Murphy