Log Entry Field-Value Tabulation in Loki Explorer Workspace

Hi – I’m fairly new to Loki. I’m coming in from the Loggly world. Loggly has a built-in feature to explore fields across logged entries and further tabulate values associated with a selected field. This makes it very convenient to discover fields and associated values without having to dig into individual log entries. Does Grafana’s Loki Explorer workspace have something equivalent to this? I’ve been searching around but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Perhaps there’s a recommended 3rd-party plugin?

Grafana’s Loki Query editor has a built-in label browser where you can select labels and label values narrowing down possible options:

Would it help in your case?

More info can be found in docs: Loki | Grafana Labs

Sort of. The log browser only lists labels for those that are explicitly indexed on log entry ingestion, not for dynamically processed labels using the json or logfmt LogQL parsers. Is there a way to configure the log browser feature to include those dynamic processed labels?

Sorry, I don’t it’s possible at the moment. Please create a feature request at Discussions · grafana/grafana · GitHub.