Load Distribution and sub flows

  1. If I need to hit 5 pages with different distribution how I can achieve that ?
  2. If I have to create sub flows how i can do ?
  3. If I create different scripts for a flow each having different variant how i can define distribution ?

Hi @akumar, welcome to the community forum!

Given the lack of what you mean by some of the words used, and an example of what you are trying to achieve I will mostly give you documentation links and hope I am correct in my assumptions :slight_smile:

You can have multiple scenarios that should be sufficient

I don’t know what you mean by subflow, if you want to have subscenarios which in themself are asynchronous … that can’t currently be done as k6 doesn’t have an eventloop. If you just want some grouping, there are groups

Can you expand on this question? Also k6 currently doesn’t support distributed mode yet, unless you are talking of the k6 cloud in which case maybe this will help?

Hope this helps you at least somewhat :wink: