LDAP configuration issue : Unable to configure LDAP

Grafana Ver : 5.1.3

LDAP configuration is not working. I am sure there is something missing in my configuration. Please help me out

Error that I get in the logs :
> EROR[04-19|17:25:43] Error while trying to authenticate user logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= error=“LDAP Result Code 200 “Network Error”: dial tcp i/o timeout”

    t=2019-04-19T17:25:43+0800 lvl=eror msg="Error while trying to authenticate user" logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= error="LDAP Result Code 200 \"Network Error\": dial tcp i/o timeout"
    EROR[04-19|17:25:43] Request Completed                        logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= method=POST path=/login status=500 remote_addr= time_ms=60002 size=53 referer=

my ldap.toml config. I believe there is something i am missing here

bind_dn = “cn=admin,ou=users,o=standardchartered”
bind_password = ‘grafana’
search_filter = “(uid=%s)”
search_base_dns = [“ou=users,o=standardchartered”]

name = “givenName”
surname = “sn”
username = “cn”
member_of = “memberOf”
email = “email”

group_dn = “cn=admins,ou=users,o=standardchartered”
org_role = “Admin”

group_dn = “cn=users,dc=grafana,dc=org”
org_role = “Editor”

group_dn = “*”
org_role = “Viewer”

@mahaveer I am facing the same issue. If this issue is resolved please help me with the resolution.